30 Things: Have a Signature Drink


As you may know, I’ve made a list of 30 things that I want to do before I’m 30. Some are silly, some are hard, some are super easy, but no matter, they make for great fodder for the blog and for life!

Number 4 on the list is “have a signature drink.”

This is on my list because I hate going to a social gathering where there’s a bar and not knowing what to order. Also, this is the only way I can relate to James Bond.

But really, doesn’t it just seem adult? To have a certain drink that you order all the time. To go over to a friend’s house and have them say, “So you want me to make you a [fill in your favorite drink here].” To have a standard, rolls of your tongue, answer to the question “what’ll you have?”

So my signature drink is…. A dirty martini.

Now, let me explain.

I have no intention of drinking dirty martinis all the time or multiple dirty martinis.  But when I’m in a situation where I need a drink order, this is my new go to.  My favorite alcoholic drink is actually a bloody mary, with a mimosa in a close second, but those are daytime drinks that are often not appropriate.  They are also guaranteed to be overpriced.  There are also many more complex and specialized drinks that I’ve had before that I like more than a dirty martini, but I also thought it best to pick something that I could get at pretty much any bar.

I also don’t plan on using my signature drink to overdrink. The perfect signature drink is one I can get anywhere, drink with a variety of foods, drink at (almost) any time, and that is strong enough to be worth the cost. I also like the dirty martini is a drink that encourages you to sip it slowly… a martini is generally strong enough that you really could nurse it all night and look sophisticated without things getting messy.

And, oh yeah, I do actually like dirty martinis.  It’s like drinking an olive, and that salty taste cuts the strength of the vodka just enough to be a little less like drinking fire, but it’s still strong enough to encourage slow sipping.
cheap red wine
$3 wine from Aldi… my actual signature drink.

In actuality, the signature drink I enjoy at home is a cheap red wine. Because The Guns and I enjoy wine, but do not enjoy spending lots on it. Plus we know that the second we start drinking fancy $50 (ok $20… ok $15) wines we will become wine snobs and won’t be able to drink the cheap stuff any more. One day we will move past the cheap stuff… until then, we’ll just dream about red wine that doesn’t give you a dull headache.

But if you’re looking to make a dirty martini (or if you’re in Greece and have to explain to a bartender how it’s made- true story), here’s your recipe:

Ingredients: Vodka (or gin), vermouth, olive juice, olives

Fill a cocktail shaker up halfway with ice.

Pour vodka (or gin), vermouth, and olive juice into cocktail shaker.

Gently shake the mixture into the shaker for 8-10 seconds.

Pour into martini glass.

Garnish with olives (several if you’re like me).

Sip slowly!

Do you have a signature drink?


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