I label my technology

I bought a Microsoft Surface just a few days after it came out, and I’ve never looked back.  I love it, and while I do still have to use a laptop sometimes, the majority of the time I go to my Surface.

Not many of my friends have a Surface, so they often want to take a look at it.  As soon as they pick it up and turn it over they laugh at me.  Because the back of my Surface has this label on it.

Let me explain.

When I bought the Surface, I was working at the launch event for Windows 8 in Times Square, and we had lots of Surfaces that were being used for the event.  I walked into our offices with my new Surface because I was using it for some work I had to do that day, and I immediately got stopped by someone asking why I had taken one of the Surfaces, so I quickly showed that it was mine, and not theirs, which were labeled with “Surface” and a number. 

I then went to our office space and used a labelmaker to label my Surface so that there would be no further confusion.  And I’ve never taken off because I honestly do need an identifier because on the ship I have other Surfaces as well.

So whatever I get made fun of. A lot. And the most recent person who laughed at my descriptive label accepted my reasoning, but then pointed out “why not just label it ‘Langford’?”

I really need to peel that label off…


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