You can’t use every great idea

great ideas
Photo by Mark Colliton,cc

I guess it’s a good problem, having access to too many great ideas.  

I’m not talking about myself and my own ideas, although I occasionally have a good idea or two.  But through reading what feels like alltheinternet and the occasional book and listening to way too many podcasts and having incredibly intelligent friends and family, I feel like I come across tons of great ideas for goal setting, writing, productivity, creativity and life in general.

It’s starting to feel a bit overwhelming. Kind of like that scene in an earlier season of Gilmore Girls where Rory realizes she could never read all the books in the Harvard library?  That’s how I feel except the library grows exponentially daily and I can’t eat as much junk food as I want and stay the same size with perfect skin.

I digress.

And so I’m reminding myself. That I can’t use every single great idea ever. I can’t. And I shouldn’t try. Because some of the great ones contradict each other, and more than that there’s just not enough time in your life to implement every great idea, to try every great thing. You’ll get so caught up trying that you’ll never actually do anything.

So I’ll try one that really works for me and if it sticks, great, and if it doesn’t I’ll move on. 

And maybe one day, for a short amount of time, I’ll stop looking, I’ll stop bringing in new ideas, I’ll just take a break.

But I’m really not ready for that now because I have to catch up on my Twitter feed…


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