Why you need a mainstream email account

you need a mainstream email provider
Photo by esparta, cc

If you’re reading this, then I’m probably preaching to the choir, but I just have to say it:

Don’t use your internet service provider’s email as your primary email account. 

Something I see ALL. THE. TIME. In my classes onboard the ships is people using some super random email provider, most likely from their ISP. And then they complain about how their email is hard to navigate or they are getting a ton of spam or junk or whatever.  And my response is not to do anything to clean up their own inbox, but to get an entirely new inbox.

Here’s the thing about mainstream email providers. They love email.  They know email. They want to give you the best email experience. Your internet service provider is not dedicated to giving you the best email service, they’re concerned with other things.  

So don’t ask them to do something they’re not good at.

My point?  If you’re looking for a new email address, use a mainstream one.  Everyone’s going to tell you to use Gmail, I’m an Outlook.com user and love it so I’ll throw a vote in for that one, but just pick something that’s being used by millions of people.  The more people use it, the more they have to do to keep those millions of people happy, and the less likely they are to shut down.  And please please please set up a mainstream email account for your family members who are a little unsure about technology. When they ask for your help it will be so much easier because you’ll be able to do basic internet searches to find answers to their questions or issues.  Plus when they get new devices like tablets and smartphones, setting them up with their email accounts will be waaaay simpler.

What email provider do you use? True story, I met someone last year who used mindspring.com… no joke.


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