5 Tips for travelling with Technology

My pouch I use to carry all my chargers, flash drives, memory cards, etc. when I’m travelling.

As most of you know I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 1/2 years travelling and obsessing over technology.  And those things might not seem related to you, but they are for me. I would never travel without at least one tech device, and interacting with technology is a big part of my trip. So over the years I’ve developed some ways that make travelling with technology easier and better.  Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Don’t forget your charger. Seems obvious, but I would be rich if I had thought to invest in every kind of charger ever and then charge ten bucks to people who show up at my classes on the cruise ship asking if I have a charger they could borrow for their camera/computer/tablet/e-reader/pedometer/smartphone.  I would have made just as much money if people had to pay me every time they got angry about the fact that I didn’t have every kind of charger ever.  Point is: don’t get mad at someone who works at your hotel. Forget your charger and the only person you can get mad at is yourself.  Put it at the top of your “to pack” list.  Also, a car charger if applicable.

  2. Have a special pouch where you put all your chargers.  So they’re easier to find and they don’t get lost in the depths of your bag.

  3. Bring an extra storage device.  Flash drive, memory, card, whatever. Just bring one, you never know.

  4. Have a designated pocket or padded case for your devices.  To keep them protected, but also so you know where they are.

  5. Know the rules.  This probably only applies if you’re flying, but still, know the rules! Most American airlines now let you use your electronics from “gate to gate” no more powering down during take off and landing, but you STILL need to put it in airplane mode before you take off. Don’t be that person whose phone rings after they’ve made the airplane mode announcement. That person is lame.

    Also, if you’re bringing a laptop, you have to take it out of your bag and isolate it in its own bin when going through security.  Don’t try to put your coat on top of it, or leave it in your bag.  If you do that you’re just asking the TSA to WASTE YOUR TIME!  Don’t do it, just do it right the first time.  Of course if you’re travelling with just smartphones and tablets (like I usually do) then no worries, leave them in your bag… UNLESS the TSA folks inform you otherwise (which they are totally allowed to do by the way).

Do you have any tips for travelling with technology?


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