Just Keep Moving

For the last two months or so I’ve lived in a constant state of overwhelm. My overwhelm came from everything: job hunting, meal planning, blogging, house cleaning, social media, and my Roku player (because HOW am I going to watch all of the television!?). The few times I was not overwhelmed, I felt insanely productive, like get up at 5:30AM and work til 7:30PM productive.  So basically, I was really fun to live with.

And I still feel this way.  And I have a feeling I’ll continue to feel this way for maybe the rest of my life, and maybe life is just this big mental game where you do your best to simply manage the overwhelm that goes along with life.

So here’s how I’m going to manage my life overwhelm.

Just. Keep. Swimming.

Yes, I’m taking life advice from a cartoon character voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

But seriously.  When I get so overwhelmed that I just want to take a nap, I know that instead I should just keep swimming.  Just keep moving.  Just keep doing.  Just make a move.  ANY MOVE WILL DO!  If I can just do something, and keep moving, then I won’t get squashed by the overwhelm.

So just keep swimming. 

And you might as well sing along while you do it.


3 thoughts on “Just Keep Moving

  1. I’m a quiet reader of your blog, but this is so relatable I had to comment. šŸ™‚ Yes, girl, just keep moving. And yes, you will probably feel that way for a long time, until the overwhelm wraps around you and snuggles in and becomes normal šŸ™‚ If you choose to add kids to the mix at some point, the overwhelm will get bigger. But you’re ahead of most people if you’ve already figured out this is the best way to handle it. My version of “Just keep swimming” is “Progress, not perfection.” I may not get all the cleaning done during the kids’ nap time, but I can make progress – every toy picked up is one less toy on the ground.

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