Friday Finds 01/31/14

Jimmy Fallon. Brad Pitt. Yodeling. I mean. This!

Howzit going friends??  I don’t know why I decided to spell that so weird.  No matter, let’s get onto links!

I’ve always liked ankle boots, but I’ve never thought I could wear them because they always looked weirdly chunky.  This article has some great tips for wearing ankle boots well.

Made me laugh out loud

Good Reminder.

In the category of things you might already know… If better email management was part of your New Year’s resolutions you should really check out Sign up, they’ll help you unsubscribe from extraneous newsletters and take the ones you DO want and put them into one daily digest email.  I’ve been using it for a month or so, and it makes such a difference!

Oh dear, how great is this mug?!?!

The majority of my last 3 years has been spent with sub-par internet access.  That being said, when my internet goes down completely, I still react this way.

I really don’t like or endorse the lyrics/subject matter of this song, but the melody is actually really beautiful and this a cappella rendition makes me almost (but not really) like Miley, and of course it just makes me love Jimmy Fallon even more.

Did you find anything awesome on the internet this week?


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