What is creativity?

what is creativity
photo by edtechworkshop

Creativity is just having the ability to create something.

That’s it.

It’s not that crazy.

Create a sandwich, a home, a design, a list, a beautiful workspace, a dance, a song, a work of art, a dinner, a child, a dog sweater, a pencil, a screenplay, a script, an album, a photo, a flower arrangement, a schedule, a book, an essay, a poem, drawing, a clean and organized refrigerator, a blanket, a purse, a wine, a handshake, a resume, a report, a spice mix, a playlist, a website, a blog, an outfit, an organized closet, a bike, a race route, a wreath, a drink, an experience, a class, a curriculum, a lesson plan, a budget, an agenda, a notebook, a t-shirt, an email, a life.

Did you make something from nothing?  You’re creative.

Did you make something new from something else?  You’re creative.

Did you take something that didn’t make sense and make it into something that does make sense?  You’re creative.

Be creative.  You already are.

What did you create today?


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