Istanbul Street Food

Istanbul Turkey street food
Last summer I spent three days in Istanbul, Turkey.  On the last day I finally made it down to the Grand Bazaar with a few other people. While we were there we decided to try some street food.  We’d seen lots of meats spinning on spits like the one in the photo above all through Turkey, and we were a little unsure, but lots of locals were stopping by and grabbing a wrap so we went for it assuming we wouldn’t die.

Let me explain to you what’s happening in the photo.  Basically, there are these spinning rods of meat.  Sometimes there’s one that’s chicken and another that’s meat.  That’s about as descriptive as it gets.  Stuffed inside spaces are various types of vegetables. Grease is dripping down the meat. When you order a sandwich or a wrap they first grab your bread and rub it all over the meat, so that you get the greasy seasoned meat flavor in every part of your meal down to the bread. Then they take fried potatoes and put a layer at the bottom of your sandwich or wrap.  Then they take a long knife and cut down the side of the spinning meat.  So you get slices of meat or chicken, but you also get little pieces of vegetables in there.  

It’s awesome, and if you go to Turkey you HAVE to try it!  The seasoning is so savory and just a little spicy.  That grease is just… wow, and I know that sounds gross but it’s true.  Never thought I’d say I like Turkish street food.  But for about 5 euro I was extremely happy with my lunch that day in spite of the sketchy nature of the operation (I don’t want to think about the heat that day and the fact that the spinning meat was kind of out in the open).

Have you ever had street food in another country?  Was it awesome?


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