Kitchen Style Tip: Cookbook Display

When I was first married I asked for a cookbook stand for Christmas.  I was cooking a lot from cookbooks, and found it annoying to have to prop the book open myself.  My grandmother got me this awesome stand (above) and I used it all the time.  This particular one is pretty cool; it’s metal which makes it easy to clean (as opposed to wood), it has a lip so that the pages remain open where I want them, and if I need it there’s a glass shield so that I don’t splatter on the book’s pages. The shield even lists common measurements and their equivalents. So handy!

These days I get most of my cooking instruction and recipes from the internet, so I actually use my tablet more than the cookbook stand when I’m cooking, but I still use the stand because it makes a great design element in my kitchen. Chances are you have lots of awesome cookbooks that you don’t use often, but that have beautiful photos and design.
If you have a cookbook stand and some space on your countertops or in a nook, I’d highly recommend putting a cookbook out on your stand.  Sometimes I use my favorite cookbook with one of the prettier photos, sometimes I flip to the recipe I’ll be using later that week.  Sometimes I just pick a photo because it adds color to that part of the kitchen (that’s what I’m doing in the example you see in the photos. I have never made black currant sherbet).
Some other ideas for displaying cookbooks in your kitchen:

group them together on open shelving in your kitchen
stack them in a nook and place your sugar and cream (or other kitchen accessories) on top of the stack
stand them on the counter using your olive oil or flour jars as bookends
stack them in the center of your kitchen table and place your napkin holder of a small flower vase on top as a fun centerpiece

Do you like the idea of displaying cookbooks in your kitchen?


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Style Tip: Cookbook Display

  1. Krista,
    I always read your blogs, but feltcompelled to comment today. I LOVE your ideas for a cookbook stand! I don’t have one, but sure would be excited to get one for my upcoming b-day (hint). Can’t wait to see you sometime soon when you get home.
    Love, Pat

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