Friday Finds–01/17/14

This Rhett and Link video just makes me like One Direction unironically even more…

This week I was in Hawaii… working.  But still in Hawaii.  Sorry, not sorry.

But here are some links for you!  As promised…

I could own and wear this tshirt legitimately.

Trying to eat less meat?  Or have a pescatarian husband like me?  Here’s a month of meatless Monday recipes!  And I won’t tell if you make them on Tuesdays or Wednesdays or whenever you want.

My obsession with foxes and other woodland creatures continues… love this Fancy Fox print!

I just recently joined Instagram (follow me: kjlangford711) and until now I’ve never understood the desire to create products from your instagrams… but now I get it, and here’s where I would start when looking for insta-products.

And to inspire you to do whatever it is you’re into without fearing failure…here’s a young Steve Jobs with his thoughts.

What did you find on the internet recently?


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