What to expect from sometimessheblogs in 2014

simple plan
photo by bocatacalamares

In case your Spanish is rusty, that graffiti says “the plan is simple, there is no plan.”

That doesn’t work for me. I don’t always plan everything out, but I do need some kind of structure to work within to be successful.

So, as you know, about every 3 months I do some kind of change up on the blog.  Maybe I change the header, the tag line, the about page, the blog host!  I’m constantly trying to define it more clearly, and really learn what it is.  I hope you’ve noticed that the changes are still coming, but that they’re much smaller than they used to be.  That’s awesome, because it means I know a lot more about what my blog is now!

January is the best time, of course, to begin anew and start fresh, and in November I realized I had blog content through December, and then I was completely dry after that.  Like I didn’t even have any major ideas, besides Fridays and one monthly post.  No bueno.  So that had to change, and I sat down and figured it out.  And I thought I’d share with you what the plan is.

And of course the plan might change, but this is how we’ll start.

Monday: Flex
ie- I can write about what I want.

Tuesday: Tech
How-tos, my favorite apps, tech related posts, etc.

Wednesday: Working/Creative
tips for creativity and creating better work, things I’m struggling with or thinking about in my working and/or creative life, “hacks” that work for me in this area, cool creative/arts things I’m seeing/doing, etc.

Thursday: Life and Style
Outfit ideas, home stuff, food stuff, intentional living, entertainment, etc.

Friday: Alternate between Friday Finds (LINKS!) and Fotos and a thought
Favorite links I’ve found, a favorite photo from my archive and an inspiring quote and/or idea

As you can see there’s a lot to play with in there, and a lot of etc.  But that’s generally what I’m shooting for.

It’s not that much different from what I’ve done before, except I’m telling you about it.

You will notice that there are no more haikutes!  For various reasons, that well has run dry, but I will miss my weekly dose of cute animals.  I’ll probably still pin them on my Pinterest board, though!

Another thing that’s not in there is my 30 things post.  Those will appear once a month, wherever they happen to fit in.  Believe it or not, I figured out that if I do one of those monthly that I will finish it right before I turn 30!  There are the perfect number of months from here on out to do that!

And that’s the plan for 2014.

What do you think of the sometimessheblogs 2014 plan?


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