Mean Girls and 9 other non-Christmas movies to watch at Christmas

Go learn that routine now, it’s your Christmas duty.

Last week I talked about the 10 iconic Christmas movies I haven’t seen. This week let’s talk about 10 movies I have seen that just “feel like Christmas” to me because of their setting or their iconic holiday scenes. I would love to spend a day watching these movies while alternating between mugs of hot chocolate, wassail, and eggnog.

And of course LinsayLo and Rachel McAdams doing their Jingle Bell Rock routine (with an awesome appearance by my girls Tina and Amy) in Mean Girls is at the top of this list.

Here are 9 more:

9) Gremlins
Gizmo is so cute even though his leathery lizard-like friends terrorize the town at Christmas! Who knew the number of ways you could use Holiday décor to cause mischief/death?

8) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (plus any of the ones where there’s a Christmas scene)
Do I have to have a reason to watch this movie? Fine, because it’s Christmas! I will watch it because it’s Christmas! But seriously, love the Hogwarts’s Christmas scenes!

7) The Nightmare Before Christmas
I would watch this movie at Halloween or Christmas, such a weird two for one, but still very good.

6) Yours, Mine, and Ours
Not the new one, the ORIGINAL that has the amazing scene where the kids get Lucille Ball drunk on screwdrivers! I love this movie for that moment but also the scene showing Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda prepping 12 bicycles on Christmas Eve.

5) When Harry Met Sally
Because Nora Ephron knows that no romantic comedy is complete without super awesome holiday sequences. Plus the ending scene at the New Year’s Eve party! Swoon!

4) Steel Magnolias
How awesome is the Christmas party scene? Also Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, Shirley MacLaine, Darryl Hannah, Dolly Parton AND a super young Dylan McDermott in one cast? Best Christmas present ever.

3) Serendipity
Meet the love of your life while Christmas shopping for your current mate? Ok when I write it out like that it doesn’t seem so awesome (kind of like when you try to explain the entire plot of Grease, try it, it will make you wonder why you were allowed to watch it as a 13 year old girl), but it is Christmas-y.

2) Rent
The first half of the movie leads up to New Years Eve and it’s just delightful for a musical theater geek like me.

1) You’ve Got Mail
There’s something Christmas-y about Meg Ryan in a Nora Ephron rom com, right? I love movies that have Christmas scenes in New York City (there are 4 total on this list), and this movie has a lot! And how adorable are the juxtaposed scenes with Tom Hanks celebrating with his family (by watching the young girl of the family sing “Tomorrow,” oh my, I was that little girl) and Meg Ryan around the piano with her friends to celebrate. Plus, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meeting over AOL and those sounds of dial up? Nostalgia = Christmastime, does it not?

Bonus: The Sound of Music, the original movie with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer
Why does this movie just seem like one to watch around the holidays. For the life of me I can’t remember (or confirm whether there is or is not) a Christmas scene in it. But the lovely ball, My Favorite Things, the puppet show… it all feels positively right to watch around this time of year. Maybe because it’s 3 hours long and you’re spending it watching with your family while singing along? Whatever the reason, it’s a Christmas movie to me.

What about you? What non-Christmas movies do you watch at Christmas?


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