Friday Finds- 12/20/13

This is brilliant.  If you haven’t watched “What does the Spleen Do?” yet, here is your chance!

Christmas is Coming!  This week we finalized our Christmas decorations and found different ways to use leftover pumpkin puree (lots of options, btw!).  What are you doing to gear up for your various holiday celebrations?

Oh, sorry, you just want links.  Here you go!

A seemingly mundane story that is actually historical, and this blog post also makes a great case for it to inform our holiday season.  Great read.

I don’t really do manicures (and I just recently joined instagram– follow me! kjlangford711), so I had no clue about #manicuremonday.  But this is a version of #manicuremonday that I love!

The kid president is at it again!  20 things we should say more often (so true, and so hilarious!).

If you’re my Facebook friend then you’ve probably already seen this.  But if you haven’t you need to read this dude’s annotation of his kid’s Christmas list.  Hilarious, but with language, fyi.

Someone new for me to follow… Anna Vital.  And this is her productivity mind map.  Lots of great tips there.

Don’t have time to watch the 100 TED talks you find interesting?  Take 5 minutes to read this, and you’ll learn all the lessons.  (also a great source if you ARE looking to watch some great TED talks!)

From Funny or Die, Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner ambush New Yorkers with Christmas carols.  It’s awesome, a little bit of language, a lot of holiday snarkiness (from Billy not Amy, cause that how she rolls!).

Did you find anything awesome on the internet this week?


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