My New Favorite Layering Technique

I’ve been seeing this look on Pinterest for awhile, and I often thought I couldn’t do it.  It seemed like something I was not cool enough to do.

When I find myself feeling that way I usually wallow in it for a bit and then I build a bridge and get over it.

I don’t need permission to participate in a trend I like. 

So this summer I started wearing statement necklaces with collared shirts.  It worked ok, but I was never thrilled with the result, even though I absolutely loved it in style shots I’d seen online.  I figured it was just an “I’m not a model” thing and I decided to move on.

But then it got cold, and it made sense to try again, this time layering a sweater over the collared shirt with the necklace.  The first couple times I tried it, I liked it better, but I still wasn’t loving it.

Then I went back to the photos that I liked and all of the sudden I saw it.  What I’d been missing.

And before I tell you what it was, let me point out that dressing, something we do everyday, is a skill.  Again, the idea of the effortless, no thought outfit is a myth.  If you want to try new styles or adjust your wardrobe it WILL take some thought, effort, and intent.

Anyway, what was I missing?

The absolute top button on the shirt… was buttoned.  I never do that normally because it feels like I’m going to choke for no reason, but I’m willing to choke for my statement necklace, so I tried it. And sure enough, ten times better.

So here are your steps for completing this look:

WP_20131214_003201312141106311) Button your button-front, collared shirt all the way to the top.  Fold your collar upward.

2) Slip your sweater on over your collared shirt.  I recommend sweaters with a boat, crew, or other high neckline.

3) Put on your necklace.

4) Fold your collar down.

5) Admire how amazingly polished you look.  Do you have a personal stylist?

Do you love this look as much as me?


One thought on “My New Favorite Layering Technique

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