Friday Finds–12/13/13

The answer to the pressing question of 2013…

This week I got overwhelmed by my house again, did some training and teaching, and rolled my eyes at Texas’ inability to deal with ice. Every. Year. Minnesota is laughing at us you guys! 

But then again I’m not buying snow tires.  And it gave me plenty of time to scrounge up these links for you. 

PS- apparently I just like animal links this week.  Sorry, not sorry.

So here they are!

Who knew armadillos were so service oriented?  Related: who knew there were giant armadillos?
In the study, published in the September issue of the journal Biotropica, Desbiez and colleague Danilo Kluyber set up camera traps in front of 70 giant armadillo burrows, which took photos of animals that came by to use the holes. The burrows provide a hiding place and home for many of these animals and shelter from the heat and cold, staying a relatively constant temperature, Desbiez told LiveScience. “Think of them like wine cellars,” he said.

Oh dear.  A lion cub in a pile of leaves. It’s as cute as you’re imagining.

Will we ever stop putting things on our pets’ heads?

I get overwhelmed by the idea of roaming around IKEA and also by the idea of herding cats.  So naturally it’s fun to watch a video where they did both.  Just for fun.

What cool things did you find on the internet this week?


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