Friday Finds 12/06/13

Don’t you love supercuts?  This is one of TV characters claiming “this is real life, NOT TV!”  It’s so meta that it makes my brain hurt a little, but in a good way…

This post comes to you from the past! That’s a ridiculous way of letting you know that I wrote and scheduled it 2 weeks ago. I knew I wouldn’t have internet access today (because I’m at sea again!), so I planned ahead (sometimes miracles happen.  AND I happened to notice that I had a collection of links that I’d collected over this year but never shared, so some of these links are old and also from the past. 

But the links are still awesome…

I’ll stop qualifying… LINKS!

I wish I wasn’t allergic to cats so that I could have an amazing kitty that would reject my affections like this one.  But it’s ok because sometimes Bravo is kind of like that…

Replacing cell phones with sloths is an idea I can seriously get behind!

Now that I have a home I feel like I’m actually using the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest… but I’m taking this warning very seriously.

And let’s end with the most adorable video ever… or at least in this post…


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