Give an odd compliment- or take one!

compliment 1
Every once in awhile I’m up at the TCU campus and before I leave I call my brother to see if he wants to hang out/buy me some Chick-Fil-A.  Last time we met up he showed me his dorm (I had not seen it yet), which is way too nice for a nineteen year old boy, but whatever, and as we were walking around the hall I noticed a bulletin board that looked interesting.
compliment 6
It said “Give a compliment, or take one!” and it was filled with papers and post it-notes with kind of odd compliments written on them.  They were weird and hilarious and made me laugh out loud. The best ones had been placed their by the RA, but there were also post-it notes and pens for residents to write on and leave compliments behind.  If you found one you liked you could take it with you.
compliment 3
I was laughing so hard that I decided to take photos and share it here, because it’s awesome.  What a great, cheap way to get your residents to interact with one another and the community as a whole, even when they’re busy college students who might only have a minute or two as they run from activity to activity, and who might normally only make these kinds of connections online.
compliment 4
Full Disclosure: Not sure the RA came up with all these compliments, because she posted the Daily Odd Compliment website at the bottom of the bulletin board.  I’m not sure if this was supposed to provide inspiration, act as a citation (ten points to the responsible non-plagiarizing student!), or just a friendly link share.
compliment 5compliment 2
Best. Compliment. Ever!


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