Windows Phone 8 Office app

wp_ss_20131126_0001 (2)
One of the things I love about my Windows Phone is that little orange icon that you can see on my start screen (above).

That’s the pin for Office. That’s right I have, Office on my phone, or at least as much of it (probably more) as I need.

I think a lot of us actually don’t use Office that much, but even light users will frequently receive a word doc or an excel spreadsheet via email. And I love that included in my Windows phone (I don’t have to download any special app) is a quick way to view and even edit these items.

wp_ss_20131126_0002 (2)
When I open office I see a list of docs I’ve used recently. I can tap on any of those to open them up to view or edit.

wp_ss_20131126_0003 (2)
If I slide over it shows me the places where my docs live: on the phone, attachments in my email, and of course SkyDrive (not pictured is a link to Office 365, Microsoft’s subscription service alternative to a full Office suite. I’m not a 365 user, so I didn’t show it). So if you send me a word doc attached to an email, I don’t have to save it or navigate to a downloads folder, I just open office and find it there in email.
wp_ss_20131126_0004 (2)
If I open an excel spreadsheet I’ll see something like this (I’ve cut off portions of the sheet for formatting reasons, but you get the idea). I can read it, I can tap in a cell and make an edit.
wp_ss_20131126_0004 (3)
There are options for formulas (I’m not a formula user beyond the auto sum, which, as you can see is easily accessible, but just looking through the list it looks fairly inclusive, though not exhaustive), searching, changing sheets, and selecting various ranges.

wp_ss_20131126_0005 (3)
Above shows a portion of the screen when I open up a word doc.  At the bottom you have options to see it as an outline, make comments, search for something (holy useful) and then an option to edit.
wp_ss_20131126_0005 (2)
And then if you touch the three dots (the app menu on the Windows Phone 8- if you ever see those three dots, just view that as “more options.”  you get additional options, like going to the file location, saving it under another name, or sharing it in some way (via email, etc.).
wp_ss_20131126_0006 (2)
If I tap “edit” then I get the same options, except now I can go into my word doc and make changes and I also have the format options.  Which lets me choose font styles (like bold, italicize, underline), font sizes, and colors for font or highlighting (photo below).
wp_ss_20131126_0007 (2)

So the features are certainly not exhaustive, and there’s no way for me to create from scratch, only viewing and editing existing documents, but honestly this is more than enough for me to use on my phone with a  4 inch screen.  Just small changes here and there, the occasional format adjustment, and of course searching a doc.  What more could I want, at least on a phone setup?  What’s most useful to me is the way it collects all Office docs in one place, I don’t have to tell it to do that, it just does, and I don’t have to search around on my own.

Also I tested viewing a PowerPoint presentation using the Office App- super useful.  It’s probably the least functional in terms of adding edits- but you can look at each slide and make notes, which again is most of what I’d be doing on a phone anyway.


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