Friday Finds 11/22/13

LOVE Bailey’s grown up Nutcracker ad!

This week was filled with some dancing, job applications, tech troubleshooting, and making non-vegan vegan sweet potato chili (how do you do that? you add sour cream and cheese and it’s awesome).  But here’s hoping your Friday morning is filled with good internet.

Catching Fire comes out today (I’m seeing it on Thanksgiving, with a friend who actually worked on the movie!  I have cool friends), and in honor of that, I give you some awesome Jennifer Lawrence interview moments (not totally safe for work-or child’s eyes!- but still awesome).  PS- I thought I’d seen all of these, but this is actually a totally new article that was just posted this week and most of these moments must have been pretty recent since she has a pixie cut in a lot of the photos.

Because I can’t do a link round up without giving you a link based on Disney princesses…oh, if you click on that you’ll see them with beards.  GAME CHANGER!

Yes. Some language in that article, fyi.

One of the best moments from one of the best American sitcoms.
“In the end, the pairing of Monica and Chandler ended up rivaling that of the show’s core romance, Ross and Rachel. It altered the show’s dynamic, but didn’t ruin it.”

Did you read/see/watch/listen to anything awesome on the internet this week?  Share in the comments!


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