One Color, Three Times

Alternate title for this post: intentional colors and accessories. More informative, but not quite so snappy…

One thing I’m always trying to do when I put together an outfit is find an interesting or surprising color pairing.  Sunday morning I decided to wear this brown dress to church, but I thought it was kind of boring by itself.  So I quickly looked through my closet and noticed my teal cardigan (note to self: search for more BRIGHT and colored cardigans next time you go shopping… which really shouldn’t be til March if you can control yourself…) and I think teal and brown look great together so I decided to start there.

My problem with adding “pops of color” to outfits is that it can feel a little bit… unfinished.  So, as you can see in this outfit, I employed a technique that I commonly use to help me feel more polished: one color, three times.

If you’ve ever studied comedy, or if you’re a nerd like me and closely follow jokes that work in sitcom, you know about a common technique where if you repeat a joke in 3 slightly different iterations, it’s stronger.  The first time it’s funny, the second time “oh my, can you believe that happened again?” and the third time brings it home.

3 is a magical number.  And designers use it all the time as well.  One time is potentially a one-off, twice is an accident, but 3 feels intentional.  So when I’m feeling unsure about my color pairings or what accessory works best I often try to employ this rule.

So in this case I have 3 instances of teal: the cardigan, the belt, and my necklace (which you can see, just barely, below).
I also did 3 instances of the neutral, beige tone.  On my watch, in the pattern of the dress, and the shoes (oh my don’t you love these shoes?  I got them on clearance at Target- NINE DOLLARS!  I think they were on sale since it’s fall and they’re clearly summer shoes, but it’s Texas so we randomly had a high of 88 on Sunday…).  And if the pattern isn’t good enough for you I also had a neutral purse that’s not pictured here.
New Image

This is not an amazing outfit, or even my favorite outfit, but I like that it feels complete. Instead of looking like I just put on a dress and a contrasting cardigan without much thought, the outfit looks finished, polished, intentional, like I put thought into it.  And I did, but that thought was “oh, I want a necklace and a belt, they should be teal.” So it wasn’t too hard, and I might have even had a little fun with it too, which is how I like to feel when I dress myself, might as well enjoy it!


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