Don’t try a little harder

I write my Try a Little Harder series because sometimes a small change can make a big difference. 

But you know what?  Sometimes the difference isn’t that big and it isn’t worth it.  So here are some things I’m over, I’m not trying a little harder.

1) Having perfectly shaved legs.
What’s that patriarchal society and lady shaving apparatus industry? You want to tell me that I have to take a razor to more than half of my body every other day (at least) in order to be a desirable woman?  You want to sell me an entire convenience store aisle of hot pink hair removal products so that I can be presentable to the public? Nope.  I call your bluff.  I might have some stubble on my legs.  I might participate in No Shave November.  I’m still a woman, you can’t take that from me.

To clarify, I will still shave my legs and other extraneous body hair, but I’m not worried about having legs out of a Nair commercial. Knees are hard, ok?

2) Making a red velvet cake from scratch
I did it once. It was good.  It was hell (sorry Mom).  It’s way easier using the recipe from the cake mix doctor.

3) Styling my hair in any style except sock bun, messy bun, pony tail, or straight.
I have tried for wavy hair, I have tried for those big curls, and I’ve read all the “simple” ways to curl or wave your hair with a straightening iron.  I usually end up burning myself and just putting a big bump that just looks like I slept on my ponytail (and I can do that without burning  myself, thankyouverymuch). And whenever I ask them how they do it they usually end up talking about an hour long process. And quite frankly, I don’t have time for that.

4) Reading magazines cover to cover
Maybe this is just me, but… I tend to read the magazines I subscribe to cover to cover.  I feel compelled to do this.  But sometimes I get behind and then I end up scheduling an afternoon to catch up on reading a bunch of interviews with celebrities that I’m not even that interested in.  This is dumb.  From now on, if I get behind on magazines I’ll just read the articles that stand out to me, and move on.

5) Having perfect skin.
I want to have no pimples and I want to delay wrinkles and I want to protect my very fair skin from the sun.  But I refuse to spend a lot of money and an hour everyday on a million different creams, moisturizers, and treatments.  I realize that I’m 27, and I reserve the right to change my mind about this later on in life.

What are you over?


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