Windows Phone 8, Photos Hub

As usual, just writing about some technology I like, not getting paid for it (so you KNOW I’m for real, ya’ll).

From the beginning, one of my favorite things about the Windows Phone was the way it organized my content.  A great example of that is the Photos Hub.wp_ss_20131026_0001
If you open Photos, you’ll find all of your photos. Yes all of them. Photos you’ve taken with the phone, photos you’ve stored on Facebook or SkyDrive, and Photos you’ve edited on the phone as well as screenshots.  So no matter where the photo is stored (locally-on the phone-or online) or what app you used to create it, it shows up.  In the past I’ve always become frustrated trying to remember exactly what app I should open for certain pictures… ain’t nobody got time for that!  So now I just go to Photos. 
And that’s it.

As you can see on the left, the front page of the Photos Hub lists the main ways you might view your photos- the originals in chronological order in your Camera Roll, your albums (which include Facebook and SkyDrive albums as well as an album for your screenshots, Downloads, and your Edited photos), all photos by date, or photos of or by specific people (here’s where your Facebook friends and/or folks you follow on Twitter and their photos come into play).

There’s also a Favorites section so you can keep track of your most precious photos. And if you swipe over to “what’s new” you’ll see all the new photo updates that your Facebook friends or Tweeps have posted recently. Swipe over to Apps and go directly to photo editing apps if that’s what you’re looking for.

I love that it doesn’t matter if my photo is online or on the phone, in a friend’s album or my own, or if I want to view photos by date or by app, I can just start from the Photos Hub and see, well, any photos.  Crazy that it can be so simple!


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