Ask Questions

There’s not many skills that work across multiple fields, positions, and for professional life but also for personal life.

But this is one of the few. And it’s maybe the only things I’m good at.

But not good enough.

And it’s this: Ask Questions.

When you’re asked to do something but you don’t know how.

When your spouse/partner does something that makes no sense to you.

When you come across someone with an opinion or belief that you can’t believe exists.

When people do something that angers you and you have no idea why.

When your boss piles a new load of work on you and you’re tempted to simply yell “I’m not doing this!”

When your co-worker or employee does something that upsets a customer or client.

When you meet someone who is interesting.

When you meet someone who seems completely uninteresting.

When you meet an expert.

When you’re not sure how to proceed in a conversation.

A helpful skill in all of these situations is to ask questions.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Or Make assumptions.  Or categorize people based on actions or beliefs that you don’t fully understand. 

You don’t know the whole story.

You can’t.  No one can.

So find out more. Ask Questions.


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