Try a Little Harder: Ctrl + z

Sometimes little things can make a big difference.  “Try a Little Harder” is a series of posts I’m writing about little things I do, ways I make just a small extra effort that often make a big difference.

Today’s “Try a Little Harder” might be really, really obvious for some of you.  But I’ve learned that sometimes things that seem really obvious to me are not obvious to others (and vice versa of course!).

Ctrl + z.  It has solved many of my problems, and all I have to do is remember it, and remember to try it when I make a mistake.  Well, a mistake on the computer.

Many of you already know what it is.  For those of you that don’t, it’s a keyboard shortcut to “undo” something that’s just been done. So many times, I’ve accidentally deleted a file, or dropped a picture in the wrong folder and now I can’t find it, or deleted a bunch of text because my hands hit the stupid overly sensitive touch pad.

And instead of losing everything (and subsequently losing my mind) or losing some super important file by a stupid accident, if I can take a deep breath and remember to hold down the control key (ctrl) and also press the letter z, and if I do that right away, I’ll undo my mistake.

It’s a silly, little thing  But it’s a big help.  And just in case you did not already know that, now you do.

And of course, in certain programs or certain non-Windows operating systems, this might be slightly different, or a different keyboard shortcut, but most of the time, it works.

Sometimes I wished it worked not on the computer.  But I suppose it’s good to be more careful in life than I am on the computer.

But if anyone finds a ctrl+z option for general life things, let me know.


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