Friday Fotos

Our most memorable stops this week were Livorno, Italy and Calvi, Corsica.  Pisa is near Livorno, so I took a trip to see the “field of Miracles” and the cathedral, baptistry and of course the famous leaning tower.  I was by myself so I didn’t get the ubiquitous “holding up the tower” photo, but I still managed a photo to prove I was there, which I think would please my 8 year old self who was fascinated by the Leaning Tower after seeing the episode of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego where she inexplicably steals the tower.  Point: that was my first introduction to Pisa, and now I’ve come full circle.


Calvi is a charming resort town in Corsica.  That’s code for, “the shops and harbor were cute and the beach was way too beautiful, and instead of learning about any type of historical significance I just took some pretty pictures.”  And I’m ok with that.

Photos taken by me with my Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8, and edited with Nokia Creative Studio.


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