The Most Awesome Bag

As usual, I’m not being paid to write this, just sharing with you one of my favorite things!

Earlier this year I had a predicament.  I needed a good, sturdy, comfortable to carry, but fairly large bag that was also somewhat stylish and versatile.  My friends, this is a hard bag to find.  I really wanted a bag that I could take with my on the airplane, stow under my seat, but that I could also lug to the gym, to the beach, etc.  So it also needed to be durable and easy to clean.  Everything I had was either a little to big, too much like a purse, or not versatile enough.  I got so fed up I almost bought a $6 black mesh tote bag at Target.

And then I walked into lululemon athletica and I saw the bags.  You see I had a gift card to lululemon (normally they’re a little out of my price range) and I was considering some leggings, but then I saw the bags. And I saw this one, and it was on sale (still more than I wanted to spend, but with the gift card more doable), and then I left and came back to visit it a few times.  The third time when it was still there I understood that this bag was for me.
And it has been perfect.  It fit under the seat on the airplane. It has a button closure so I can shut it if I need to, but still get to items quickly.  I love that it is grey with a neon contrast (neutrals and neon- so very on trend!).  Even with a full day of travelling the straps made it comfortable to carry. Whenever we go to the beach, I carry it and I don’t worry about sand because the main body of the bag feels like neoprene so it’s durable, the lining is also easy to clean, and the neon contrast can be wiped clean as well.
Plus it has tons of pockets and zippered compartments! You can’t hardly tell but above is a photo of an outside pocket that’s the perfect size for your smartphone, making it super accessible. Below you can see the padded zipper compartment to carry your tablet or other electronics, plus the meshed compartment for smaller necessities (pens, wallets, coins).  Plus many more pockets including a spot for your water bottle. And most of the compartments have little neon green sayings next to them so you know what goes there, like “phone,”  “items of importance,” “sweaty unmentionables,” “H20 so good” etc. I just love details like that!

So this is just a post to say that I love the bag.  It was worth the investment.  And sorry, but I got the last one!


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