Walk your Talk

walking in the rain

Photo by Rupert Granzer

Awhile ago I ordered a book online.  The book was Start, I wrote about it awhile ago. The author, Jon Acuff, is part of the Dave Ramsey team.  If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is, head over to his site and check it out.  The short version is, he teaches people about personal finance and his specialty is getting out of debt. His book was recommended to me about 200 times when The Guns and I got engaged, and rightfully so, but actually it should be required reading for college graduates, or even high schoolers.  Anyway, The Guns and I read his book and started following a lot of his recommendations, and one is pretty extreme.  He tells you not to use credit cards.  At all. Ever.

And when you see people everyday go broke and bankrupt because of credit card debt like he does, then you have a right to make what seems like a pretty extreme recommendation.

The Guns and I have always paid off our credit card payments monthly, so we don’t follow that rule, though after reading the book we did get rid of extraneous cards. 

I purchased the Start book from the Dave Ramsey website while I was working onboard a ship.  I don’t get internet access in my room, just in my office, so I grabbed my credit card one morning before going in (I don’t usually bring money with me to the office, completely unnecessary and I’d be likely to leave it where someone else might find it), and logged into the Dave Ramsey website to make my purchase.

I got really really annoyed a minute later.  Mr. Ramsey wouldn’t let me pay with my credit card.  Just a debit/bank card. Don’t ask me why (I have no answer for you) but I’ve always hated buying things online with a debit card.  I just prefer credit. Oh, and I also wanted to get some points for my purchase.  I probably would have gotten a whole two flight miles off the purchase, so you know that would have been super useful. And so that was annoying, and you can feel really bad for me as I tell you the sob story of me having to run back to my room, which you know was a really long way five hundred feet away and find my debit card and then go BACK to my office and buy the book.

I told you it was a sob story.

But seriously I was annoyed.  And I bet there’s a lot of other people who are annoyed when they try to buy things from his website.  And I bet there are tons of people, maybe on Dave’s own team, who keep telling him “we will lose sales if we don’t let people use their credit cards.” 

But he doesn’t believe in credit cards.  He truly believes that credit cards are a bad idea. So he doesn’t let you use them on his site.

And that is walking your talk.  Even when it’s something that seems really small or really stupid where you might even lose money from it, doing what you believe is right, what you stand for, even if it’s not convenient.

And by the way I don’t know that I always do that, walk my talk.  But I’m going to try.

Do you walk your talk?


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