Friday Fotos

This week we were in Mykonos for one day and Istanbul for three. Mykonos was… well I think I want to live there.  So beautiful, so relaxed, so fun.Just beautiful beaches and a gorgeous village bathed in stark white and cobalt blues.  Also, lots of cats.  Istanbul, was, well, it was a big city. A highlights was a visit to the Grand Bazaar.  A huge marketplace that sells every kind of Turkish tourist thing you could want (Turkish Delight, tea, a fez, Turkish carpets, scarves, etc.) Plus the usual marketplace stuff like jewelry, knockoff shoes, bags, and clothes.  Everything. And they like to, expect to, barter.  If they say something’s 7 euro, just say 5 and they’ll so “Ok, I take it” and then you realize you should have asked for less. I also took a cruise down the Bosphorous strait to see both the Asian and European parts of the city, including the bridge that unites the 2 continents.

All photos taken with my Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone 8 and edited with Nokia Creative Studio.


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