Words I hate


photo by Larah McElroy
Everybody has a list of words that they are not into (moist is on a lot of people’s lists), here’s mine:

1) Any infantilized word, you know, real words that we’ve changed to baby talk
This includes but is not limited to potty, pee pee, itty bitty, wee wee, tummy, belly, belly button and my least favorite of all hubby.  He is not my hubby, he is my husband, and I will treat him as such thankyouverymuch.  If you want to use those words, fine, but I will not partake.

2) Any colloquial way of saying “bowel movement”
deuce, poop, pooh, s***, etc.  Crap is the exception, but I don’t use it in a literal way.  I am ok with bowel movement, stool, and feces, though truth be told I’d rather just not talk about it.  Maybe I am part WASP after all…

3) Hoot as in “that’s a hoot”
Ok, I don’t hate this word, but I refuse to say it.  Really, only my dad is allowed to say this word. It is soo cheesy, but I’m ok with him saying it.  I probably never will because I think I sound really stupid saying it.  Okie Dokie also falls into this category

4) Boo
Ok, not boo as in what a ghost says, but when somebody calls their boyfriend or girlfriend their “boo.”  SERIOUSLY?  Somehow my skin literally crawls when I hear that.  Boo Boo is ten times worse, that should only be used to describe Yogi’s BFF, but still people use it as a pet name. No. I cannot take you seriously as a person if I hear that come out of your mouth.

5) Panties or Panty
This kind of falls under the category of infantilizing words, but it deserves it’s own category.  Please, I will just call it underwear.  It just sounds cloying and I really don’t need my underthings to be cloying.

What words do you hate?


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