You should wear sunglasses

You probably already wear sunglasses, but if you don’t you should start.  Here are some reasons you should do that:

1) If you get big obnoxious ones like me you can pretend to be an incognito celebrity.
2) You’ll protect your eyes.
3) You’ll have less trouble seeing when you’re driving directly into the sunlight.
4) They look super cool.
5) Throw on some sunglasses and lipstick and skip the rest of your makeup if you’re in a hurry
6) Sunglasses are the ultimate assistant in becoming photogenic.

I’m not gonna lie, number 6 is the main reason I wear sunglasses religiously.  When I travel I love to get tons of photos, but inevitably I don’t look super awesome in certain shots.  But if I’m wearing sunglasses I find that the way I look in the photo is immeasurably better than if I had not worn them. I took photos demonstrate this:

Scenario 1: You decide not to full tooth smile.  I guess you’re trying to be cute without being obvious.
sunglasses 1
sunglasses 2
Admittedly the first photo is not that bad, but I do look all kinds of squinty.  Not so in the sunglasses photo.
Scenario 2: Somebody caught you not smiling. You kind of look mad. Or tired.
sunglasses 4
sunglasses 3
Photo one is not cute.  Photo two is decidedly cool.
Scenario 3: Somebody caught you mid-sentence and your mouth is partially open and looking all sorts of weird.
sunglasses 5sunglasses 6
Photo one is a disgusted teenager.  Photo two is “haha, she’s so cute, she wasn’t ready for the photo. Adorable.”

And because it’s incredibly obvious that these photos were staged I give you an actual example of sunglasses vs. no sunglasses that ACTUALLY HAPPENED!
sunglasses 8sunglasses 7
There are some other problems going on with the first photo in terms of my posture and the fit of the sweater that are affecting the way that I look, but I think the sunglasses help a TON.

Quick note about sunglasses and their prices.  There are two schools of thought:

School One: Purchase expensive sunglasses.  You wear them everyday so they should be high quality.  You’ll be more likely to take care of them and less likely to lose them if you have invested in them.
School Two: Purchase cheap sunglasses.  For goodness sake, they are SUNGLASSES!  Why spend a ton of money on them?  If you lose them, no big deal, you’ll replace them without a thought.

While I see the points of school one, I fall decidedly into school two.  I went through a phase where I couldn’t keep a pair of sunglasses for more than a month, so I refuse to pay more than $15-$20.  That being said, I found this pair at Plato’s Closet (they are knockoff Dolce & Gabbana) for a total of $5 over 4 years ago and I’m still wearing them.  When you find a pair that works, stick with it!

Do you wear sunglasses all the time?  Do you spend a lot on them or are you a cheapo like me?


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