Apps I love: Creative Studio by Nokia

Disclaimer: Just posting about something cool, nobody’s paying me for any of this.

Awhile back I wrote about taking photos on my Nokia Lumia 822 running Windows Phone 8.  And I gave you a sneak peek at Nokia’s built in photo editor, Creative Studio.  Today I thought I’d get into more detail about the features of Creative Studio.wp_ss_20130606_0001wp_ss_20130606_0002wp_ss_20130606_0003
When you first open a photo in Creative Studio you’ll see 9 different color filters (including the original) to choose from.  Once you choose one you get more editing options:
It’s really as simple as just tapping what you want and then following the instructions.  I love that there are super simple everyday options like cropping and rotating, but there are also creative possibilities, like playing with blur and focus, or using color pop.

I’ll be honest, I am still struggling with the focus object feature, but here’s a photo where I used the radial option to create a blurred background:
All I had to do was tap the part of the image that I wanted to be in focus.  Then I just pinched in and out until I got it just right.

I also had fun with the collage feature:Blink_2c22af1b-472f-423e-b435-7667bc20130606115230
You just pick the photos you want, it makes a collage, and you make adjustments from there.  Press and hold if you want to move photos to different slots in the collage.

Color Pop is also pretty cool:
You just finger paint the areas you want in color, and you can go back over it with an eraser if you make a mistake.

I love all of the options I have, but I really love how easy it all is.  Just a few taps here and there and I’m good to go.

Do you do much photo editing on your smartphone?  What apps do you use?


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