You should wear a watch

3 years ago I started working on cruise ships and I immediately realized when I started that I would need a watch.  I’d stopped wearing a watch once cell phones became ubiquitous time tellers.  But we’re not allowed to have our cell phones in guest areas, and my cell phone is out of network and disabled most of the time anyway, which really messes with the time it gives you, and there are very few clocks around the ship (a common complaint by guests, to which I say “you’re on vacation!” But I must admit I would appreciate it if we had more), and yet I still had to be on time. 

So I bought a super cheap watch and then The Guns got me a nice Fossil one for Christmas.  And ever since I’ve had a love affair with watches.  I currently have four, two of which need new batteries, and two that I just love oh so much (pictured here) that I don’t care to repair the others any time soon.
watch 2
I wear this one pretty much every day.  It’s a neutral color so it goes with everything.
watch 1
I wear this one when I want to be fancy.

But why should you wear a watch when everybody else is using their cell phone as their time keeper? 
1) It’s a really easy way to look polished.
  Something about someone wearing a great watch, it just makes their look seem finished.  And they also seem like they have their act together.
2) You don’t look professional or courteous when you check your phone for the time.  You look like you’d rather be anywhere else but wherever you are.  Glancing at your watch (as long as you’re not doing it obsessively) does not give this same effect.
3) Glancing at your watch will give you the time and just the time.  Glancing at your phone will cause you to fall into your email, facebook, and twitter rabbit hole. Not productive.
4) Checking your phone for the time takes time because isn’t it true that your phone is never right there, but instead it’s buried under stuff in your purse?  Or hiding somewhere that you don’t remember putting it? You know how long it takes it check your watch? Bam! I just did it.  Bam! I did it again. Seconds, people.
5) They’re an accessory that goes with pretty much any outfit.  No real thought required.
watch 3
Look at me.  Wearing my watch.  Like a boss.

Do you wear a watch?


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