Friday Fotos

This week’s photos come from the Greek island of Corfu, the city of Kotor in Montenegro, and the popular vacation spot (unbeknownst to me!) of Dubrovnik, Croatia. In Corfu we walked the city, saw some sites, shopped for local specialties and had a nice lunch where our waiter was incredibly kind and the couple opposite of us were from, of all places, Oklahoma City! Kotor, Montenegro was a surprise in that it was surrounded by mountains, and yet it was incredibly dry and very very very hot!  We wandered through the walled old town and peeked into some shops before we sat down at a restaurant for a drink and then took retreat in a local swimming area near the harbor. The walled town in Kotor seemed to go on forever with an infinite number of pathways, but the next day in Dubrovnik, their walled town was at least three times as large!  Both walled cities had small fountains of water here and there where we refilled our water bottles, or simply splashed water on our faces for a refresh.  We wandered in Dubrovnik’s old town too, but again ended up at a lagoon where it seems the locals go for their swimming.

Ok be honest, can you point to Montenegro, Croatia or Corfu on a map?  I don’t know that I can!

All photos taken with my Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone, and edited with Nokia Creative Studio.


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