5 things I find oddly exhilarating

Last month I talked about things that make me anxious, and this month I’m taking the opposite approach.  I’ve learned that there are some things that other people hate that I actually kind of enjoy, or at least find exciting.  Here are a few of those things…

1) Job Interviews and similar experiences
I do get anxious before a job interview, but I also find the whole thing to be pretty exciting. The possibilities, the promise of a new paycheck, the chance to brag about myself without feeling guilty.  It’s not limited to job interviews though, it’s also auditions, big tests (I loved AP test days in high school… spoiler alert: I’m a nerd), first dates, anything where getting it done leads to better things and more opportunities.

2) Airports
Ok, I know that in my last post I talked about international flights making me anxious, but actually being at the airport, once I get past security, actually doesn’t bother me.  I actually think it’s pretty cool.  Most airports have pretty decent free WiFi, interesting stores with fun snacks, and I never feel bad about treating myself at an airport restaurant.

3) Packing for a trip
I kind of hate packing, but it also feels really good to decide what I’m taking with me.  It makes me think of all the things I might do when I travel, and gets me really excited for what’s ahead. This does not include packing to move.  That is not the same.

4) Planning a night in
As much as I love travel and adventure, I LOVE the idea of staying in with The Guns, ordering pizza, and watching a movie or binge-watching some favorite tv shows.  For something so relaxing, it’s super exciting for me.

5)  Seeing the previews before a movie
I get so. excited. Going to a movie and not seeing the previews is almost not worth it.

What are some odd things that you find awesomely exhilarating?


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