Friday Fotos

My favorite photos from this week. Do we look tired in the first photo?  The Guns is here now and after he spent a day travelling and then another day working (without really sleeping) he was somehow still up for going out in Barcelona that night since we had an overnight stay there. We just walked around bit and stopped for drinks and fried food at a pub that claimed to have Tex Mex food.  It was not Tex Mex, but it was still very good.  See that dude floating? Can you tell me how he’s doing that? He shows up on the sidewalk in Palma de Mallorca and I couldn’t resist taking a picture, but I still can’t figure out how he’s doing that. The next two photos are from Marseille, France.  First a shelter near a Metro station that had a mirror ceiling where I tried to take a photo of us, but my photo of the crowd turned out much better. The disembodied head is a sculpture of Picasso’s head, and of course the melting clock is by none other than Dali, who has various sculptures around the city. The last two photos are from Cagliari, Sardinia.  We hiked up a very tall hill to look over the city above the tiled roofs and the rocky coast.

All photos taken with my Nokia Lumia 822 and edited with Nokia Creative Studio.


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