Things I’ll never regret

photo (without text) by misterbisson

Some things I’ve learned that I’ll never be sorry about…

…having an extra flash drive, hair tie, pen, packet of Advil, set of earbuds in my purse

… passing on watching a tv show to spend time with friends

…spending an abnormal amount of money on a once-in-a-lifetime experience

…getting your work done early

…having a bottle of wine, champagne, or your favorite spirit in the house at all times

…adding a little more butter

…taking time to visit friends and family that don’t live nearby

…hiding my phone for an evening

…putting on sunscreen

…taking the dog for a walk

…writing down a goal and crossing it off when I’m done

…cleaning out my closet

…being honest

…washing my face

…trying a new type of food

…asking for what I want

What are some things that you’ll never regret?


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