Great photos using Windows Phone 8, Nokia Lumia 822

Disclaimer: Just sharing some awesome features with you, no one’s paying me to do this.

I’ve been using my Window Phone for 3 months now and I’m loving it, especially everything I can do with my photos.  I was never a big picture taker on my smartphone, but now that there is even better connectivity between smartphones and social networks, making it easier than ever to share a photo right away, it’s a great way for me to show what I’m doing while I travel.  Plus the camera is just better.  My photos before were ok, but indoor photos were always pretty hit or miss.  In fact I just made it a rule that I didn’t use my smartphone camera without natural light.  Now I don’t really have to worry about it. Below are some photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 822 in various kinds of light:
indoors, no overhead light, just lamplight from the side
WP_20130527_008 (1)
outside on a cloudy day
Taken from the shade of the stadium.
in direct sunlight
In a ballroom, hardest lighting ever for cameras I think.  It did pretty well!

(Note: there are more options for Nokia Windows Phones than when I upgraded, and I’m pretty sure the cameras are supposed to be better than mine, but I still think mine is great.)

To be able to take some photos with the smartphone instead of my camera takes out the annoying step of having to upload my photos to a PC in order to share them, perfect for someone like me.  And when I saw the great camera and photo editing options I had BUILT IN to a Nokia Windows Phone I was pretty amazed.wp_ss_20130530_0001
This is a blurry because it’s a screenshot of what it looks like while you’re taking a picture, and I couldn’t keep my hand still while taking the screenshot… BUT the point is that you have some options: switch the camera, adjust flash settings, switch to video, and if you choose the 3 dots at the top you’ll have other photo and video settings like iso and white balance.
This is the actual photo.  Not bad considering it’s a closeup and we’re dealing with mainly indoor light, just a little natural light coming from the window.
Once you take the photo tap the three dots to see more options like what I have above.
Choosing edit gives you the options above. I chose “crop, rotate, auto-fix”
As you can see I can do an auto-fix, crop or rotate the photo, just some basic options.
WP_20130530_001WP_20130530_001 (1)
Here’s a side by side of the images before auto-fix (left) and after (right). Not a huge difference, but notable.

And all of this is great, but sometimes you want to get more creative, or you just want to make a meh photo look better, and that’s why I love the other option they give you when you choose edit: Creative Studio.  There are lots of apps (free and purchased) that you can get for photo editing on your Windows Phone , but Creative Studio comes with all Nokias, no extra cost.  I’ll do a full post on Creative Studio later on, but here’s a sneak peek:
So tons of really nice filters, I chose Ivory, and when I did I got the option of doing some more editing, but I’ll save that for a later post.

I’ve set up my Windows Phone so that when it is connected to wifi it uploads any new photos to SkyDrive, which means they go straight to my Windows 8 laptop and I’ll have access to them from anywhere with an internet connection.  Makes it pretty hard to lose a photo!

What do you think?  Is this camera good enough for a smartphone?


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