Try a Little Harder: Statement Necklaces

I know what you’re thinking, statement necklaces are too hard!  I think I’m going to look like this or this, but really I’ll look like this!

The truth is, statement necklaces are not the easiest type of jewelry to wear, and it is kind of difficult to find one that you love that also works with an outfit.  And some of you won’t even want to wear them.  But if you are interested, but intimidated, read on, because it’s not impossible to figure out statement necklaces, you just have to try a little harder.  I initially wanted to wear statement necklaces just on occasion, but now I use them in so many of my favorite outfits, and I love the look!
statement 1
First, why do I wear statement necklaces so often? (and I define statement necklaces as large necklaces that fall somewhere between the collar bone and the sternum.  Right now some very popular shapes for these types of necklaces are the collar or the bib) These types of necklaces are great for adding interest to my neckline and dressing up a simple tee or blouse.  Truth be told I’m much more comfortable wearing solids than patterns, but that means my looks get kind of boring, adding a statement necklace can add some visual interest, in lieu of a pattern.  Also, adding a statement necklace can totally change the outfit.  In the photos in this post I’m wearing a basic black tee, but changing up the necklaces really changes the look. As someone who is restricted to the clothes that can fit in my suitcase, this is crucial… I can pack one top or dress and wear it 4 different ways with just the change of a necklace.  Amazing!

If you’ve decided to jump in and try the statement necklaces, here are some places to start:
1) Stick to solid colors.  It’s not that you can’t wear a pattern with a statement necklace, but it will be easier if you stick with a solid.  If your necklace color contrasts that of your top it will be a great point of interest in your outfit. If it is the same color or a similar tone you’ll have a great monochromatic look.
statement 3
2) Collared tops, crew necks, boatnecks, and high scoop necklines. One of the tricky things about statement necklaces is they won’t work with every single top or dress.  Don’t force it.  You don’t want it to compete with the neckline, and it’s my preference for the necklace to create a new neckline in your top as opposed to filling the space between your neck and your top (especially if you don’t want to draw attention to your cleavage and our bust, and if you do there are better ways to do that than stacking a chunky necklace on top of it… just being honest… ). Collared tops, crew necks, boatnecks, and high scoop necklines will work best with most statement necklaces, but feel free to try others.
statement 2
This gold collar is my most unique statement necklace, and it’s also the hardest to wear. Truthfully, I don’t love it with this neckline, but I’ve seen worse.  This one actually sometimes looks better with a square neck, and fills the space between my neck and the top… which is exactly what I just told you not to do… rules are made to be broken!

3) Try a bunch on.  Go to the store wearing a basic t-shirt or an outfit you’ve been wanting to accessorize with a statement necklace, and collect a bunch and just start trying them on until a pattern emerges.  I have several different necklaces, and none of them are exactly alike but many have similar shapes and most are similar in length.  That’s what works for me, and I had to try a bunch on to figure that out.  Find what works for you and go with it.  Also, don’t feel like you have to buy a bunch right away.  I got my first statement necklace in 2010 and wore it a lot before I figured out what worked best. I just recently got 2 more on my birthday and another about a month ago.  But I’ve been intentional about buying them for 3 years now.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  And also, my neck isn’t Rome, but you get the idea.
4) Layer!  Don’t layer with other necklaces, but look at a statement necklace as another layer in your outfit.  Sure you could just place it on top of a basic top like I’ve done here, but you could also add a blazer or cardigan for even more polish and interest.

Do you wear statement necklaces?  Have any other tips?


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