Friday Fotos

My favorite photos from last week’s travels.  Top two photos are from the Monte Carlo Casino.  I was not the only one standing in front, gawking at the expensive cars.  Later that day a Lamborghini drove by, but by the time I realized what it was (I’d never seen one in person) it sped off, so no photo, sorry!  The rest are from the little seaside resort town of Portofino, Italy. I took a ferry from neighboring Santa Margherita, then explored with my camera. The harbor, purple flowers that are everywhere, and even the laundry hanging out to dry were all gorgeous. After some exploring I had a delicious lunch of gnocchi with pesto, which originates from this area, so of course it was amazing.

Anyone else have some stories from Portofino or Monte Carlo?


One thought on “Friday Fotos

  1. Yes, I have been to these places. Monte Carlo on the day of the Monaco Grand Prix is also spectacular. They block off some of the few streets running through the town, and Formula cars blast through!
    But yes, the people, scenic beauty and food of Italy are among the best.

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