Apps I Love: Next Issue

Disclaimer: I’m just writing about this app because I love it, not because someone’s paying me to do it.

One of the best things about my iPad was figuring out that I could read my favorite magazine subscriptions (Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, and InStyle) on it- no more lugging around several issues when I travel!  So I was thrilled when I realized I’d have a similar option with my Windows 8 tablet and even my Windows 8 laptop. 

Next Issue is ONE app (available for iOS, Android, AND Windows 8, yessss!) where you can get pretty much any major magazine.  So instead of having to download (and learn) a different app for every magazine that you might be interested in, you download just one and you can browse there, always using the same app that has all the same features.  Much more simple.  There is a catalog of 93 titles, all of which you can subscribe to on a monthly basis or just buy one issue at a time.  If you’re already a print subscriber (like me) most magazines will let you sign up to get the digital download for free.  So I use Next Issue essentially free of charge, but just for the titles that I already subscribe to.
BUT an even better deal, if you have varied taste in magazines, is to sign up for one of their unlimited plans.  The Basic gives you unlimited access to a slew of monthly titles (slew=84) (even back issues) any time you want (you can download for offline reading, or just read articles that you want when you’re online without downloading the issue) for just $9.99/month.  The Premium gives you all that, plus unlimited access to popular weekly titles like Time, The New Yorker, and, my favorite, Entertainment Weekly for $14.99 a month (93 titles are included in the Premium package).  I haven’t subscribed to one of the plans, but it’s definitely on my “ one day, when I have a regular high speed internet connection” to do list. They even offer you a free 30 day trial, as well as no commitment, cancel any time.
As you can tell, I love magazines and I love the app.  It’s easy, a great concept, beautiful, and let’s be honest, magazines were made for tablets and digital viewing.  I still have print subscriptions, but I’ll probably let all of them run out, and when they do, convert to just digital, especially since their catalog is so extensive.  So much better for the earth and my limited storage space!

Do you like digital magazines?  What do you think of Next Issue?


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