5 things that make me oddly anxious


Photo by plenty.r.

I don’t usually get nervous, but when I do it’s about really weird things.  Here are some of those things:

1) Doctor’s Offices
Specifically waiting rooms, insurance forms, prescriptions, having to call doctor’s offices.  Once I get in there and see the doctor I’m fine (even the lady doctor… no big deal, I’ll put my feet in the stirrups, I’m down), but all the waiting and forms and co-pays and what I’m paying for, and what is being paid for… it makes me breathe a little too fast.

2) Calling out of the blue
It could be a friend I haven’t spoken with in a long time, or a business I need to call and ask about a price quote or something.  I sometimes write myself a script.  I still have shaky hands.

3) International Flights
Asking my seatmate to let me go to the bathroom.  Going through TSA in a foreign country (do I take my shoes off or not?). Customs.  Declaring stuff. Dealing with my bags. Being in a small space for hours.  I’m too hot, I’m too cold.  Of course half of this anxiety is just the time leading up to an international flight, but I can’t seem to shake it.

4) Getting a manicure and/or a pedicure
The lotion in the bag and stick your hand in it thing is weird.  They’re always trying to pressure you into upgrade to a better, more expensive treatment… gel, acrylic, you want design?  Also from years of dancing I have callouses that I really don’t want them to remove, and trying to explain that without them looking at you like you’re a nutcase is near impossible. A relaxing hour turns into an anxiety ridden visit to chemical-high-inducing salon.

5) When I see people get into confrontations
Ok, so this is something that makes a lot of people anxious, but I don’t even want to see an inkling of tension between two people.  If I do, I’m going to get out of there, and then I will probably apologize to both people the next day.  I know.  I KNOW!

What weird things make you anxious?


2 thoughts on “5 things that make me oddly anxious

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