New Feature: Try a Little Harder

I’d like to introduce a new feature that I’m calling Try a Little Harder.

Occasionally people compliment me on things, anything from the blog to the way I tie my scarf, which I greatly appreciate. But I always feel like they’re saying it as if they couldn’t possibly do it themselves.

Let me tell you guys, most things I do well are not because I’m special, but because I try.  I do internet research about it, or I make a mistake and then I analyze it and try to figure out how I could do it better.  I notice something someone else does, and I steal the idea and adapt it for my life.  I think sometimes we’re afraid to do new things, dress differently, do our hair differently, take up a new hobby, develop a new habit, whatever, because we’re afraid that we’ll either have to change our ENTIRE lives or invest a lot of money or time or we’ll fail.  But truthfully a lot of times it’s easier than it seems, it’s usually just a few simple steps, sometimes just one little change. Or maybe it is hard and you will have to work at it for awhile, but once it becomes a habit it’s actually simple, quick, and easy. 

So I’ve started collecting little things that I’ve changed in my life in the last few years that work for me,and I plan on sharing those with you at least once a month, maybe more often.  Admittedly, a lot of these things are self-care and style things geared toward the ladies, but there will be just general life things too. Maybe they won’t work for you, but maybe you can take some little part of it and use it.  That’s life, take what works and discard what doesn’t.

So we’re all going to Try a Little Harder, because little things can make a big difference.

Our first Try a Little Harder feature covers accessories, specifically jewelry.  I don’t know about you, but oftentimes jewelry intimidates me.  There are so many choices, and so many things to consider.  Is it too formal, does it match my outfit, should it match my outfit, does it inhibit my movement or get in the way of daily tasks, am I wearing too much jewelry or am I not wearing enough?  For years I just didn’t wear jewelry very often because the questions were too much.

BUT if you’ll notice the women that you admire in terms of how they present themselves, or the celebrities you look at in the magazines and think “how do they always look so good?” I’m going to guess that most of them are wearing jewelry.

But gathering a great jewelry collection can take time, and even then some pieces aren’t appropriate except in a small number of situations.  But having even just one piece of jewelry on every day can add some polish to your look.

My one piece that I add every day are very basic large stud earrings. I have two pairs (both were from Loft and priced around $30, but you wouldn’t have to spend that much), one gold and one silver/rhinestone.
stud earrings 2stud earrings
This works for me for several reasons:
1) They don’t get in my way.  Dangly earrings can get caught in hair or hit me in the face if I’m doing something active.  Necklaces can also get caught on things or be distracting if I’m moving around a lot.  Big rings or too many rings or bracelets make it difficult to type or use my hands.
2) I don’t have to think about if it goes with the outfit.  With necklaces you have to consider neckline, with dangly earrings you have to think about hairstyles, with all jewelry you have to consider is it too dressy for a casual outfit.  These can skew casual or dressy depending on what I’m wearing. 
3)  Having one that is more silver to go with my cool toned outfits and one that is gold to go with my warm-toned outfits means I don’t have to worry about matching or having too many choices.  Am I wearing black, navy, or grey?  Go silver. Am I wearing cream, brown, or tan? Go gold.  And while that is flexible, I still only have to pick between 2 options rather than 20.
4) Before I leave the house I just grab the appropriate pair (they both sit on my nightstand, next to my wedding rings, my only other everyday jewelry) and put them in, no extra thought required.

Perhaps you’re not an earring person, or you don’t like the look of studs.  If so, just find 1-3 basic pieces (pendant necklaces, hoops, bangles, whatever) that you can wear with anything and everything and work with your lifestyle.  If you’re like me, you’ll feel so much more polished to add just one thing, and it will be a relief to only have a few choices.

What do you think?  Would this work for you?  Do you have any jewelry you wear everyday?


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