Movies that Mean Something: Men in Black 3

Wasn’t Men in Black pretty much the best comedic sci-fi movie made in our elementary school years (I say to you kids born in the late 80s like me)?  I just loved that little flashy thingie, and that crazy alien pug.

And then came Men in Black 2.  I don’t remember what it was about, but it was not good.

So some of you probably didn’t see Men in Black 3 because you were all “I hate sequels, they’re dumb.”  But you forgot the cardinal rules of sequels and trilogies.  Making two movies?  The best is first, and the second is worst.  Making three movies? Great is the first, second is the worst, and the one that trumps all is third.

PS- I hope Anchorman 2 breaks this rule.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it and want to stay surprised… then spoiler alert stop reading.  Also you really can’t get mad because this movie came out last year. 

In Men in Black 3 Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back together, and Agent K ends up being erased from history because some alien dude escapes from a jail on the moon and returns to earth to go back in time and kill Agent K (before he captures the alien dude) so that he doesn’t get put in the moon jail.  I know, it seems like they’ve dumbed it down for us right?

One of the best parts of this movie is meeting younger K, played by Josh Brolin who does the best impression of Tommy Lee Jones before he got angry and rude and silent.  The other awesome part is slowly figuring out the time travel stuff.  Also Bill Hader as Andy Warhol (actually part of the Men in Black team, which explains a lot).

But why is this a movie that means something?  Because it made me cry ya’ll!  Seriously, it was the most confusing experience to be watching a sci-fi movie and realize you’re crying. And if you saw it and didn’t cry then, you need to work on being more emotionally invested in Will Smith cinema.

Really this movie means something to me because at the end you see how Agent K and J end up together.  You see that K takes in an orphan, and makes sure he gets taken care of, even though he’ll grow up fatherless.  You realize that when you meet them both in the first movie, really K has been watching J all along, always intending to recruit him to MIB.  And you realize that J finally gets what he needs, closure and understanding about his absent father, and an explanation for why K is so much like Tommy Lee Jones is in real life.

Maybe it’s sappy, maybe it’s silly, and maybe it’s not real, but I love that MIB3 celebrates the necessity of relationships.  K meets an older J, which makes him take in a younger J, and the younger J meets the older K and grows up and does something good.  They need each other.  Creatively, the link from the 3rd movie back to the first is genius storytelling.  And MIB3 is a movie that means something because it’s not just a silly sci-fi movie with crazy aliens; it’s a story about two people working together… who also happen to be keeping the world safe from alien invasion.

What did you think of Men in Black 3?


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