Apps I love: XE Currency

Disclaimer: I just like this app, they’re not paying me to write about it.  Why would they, it’s free!

Currency exchange rates make no sense to me.  If I sit down and do the whole cross multiply thing I get thisclose to comprehending them, but in the process my brain starts to hurt, I think to myself “It shouldn’t be this hard,” and then I’m confused again.  So I’m always a little nervous to go shopping in countries that don’t readily accept the US dollar, or places that will accept the dollar but charge you an arm and a leg for it.

Truthfully, I usually just lay my credit card down if possible, because that’s always easier than trying to get currency for a country you’re only in for a day (ah, cruising), and our card has a really low fee for international use, but sometimes I’m not even sure if a scarf that costs 300 Norwegian kroners is a bargain (it’s not).

So, I knew I’d need a currency converter for my next trip (29 cities, 10 countries, I’ll fill you in soon), and luckily I didn’t have to look far.
Screenshot (29)
XE Currency is a great app for Windows 8.  Above is a screenshot of what it looks like when you first open it.  It does exactly what you’d expect a currency converter to do, but I like it because it does more than just the major currencies, there are countries on its list I’ve never heard of…
Screenshot (32)
Seriously, what are Jersey Pounds?  Also, where’s Comoros?

I also love that I can set it up so that the currencies most important to me are in the forefront. For example, I’m not going to Australia or India any time soon, so I’m going to remove them from the main page.
Screenshot (30)
Just right click (swipe down if you’re using touch) the one you want to remove, and then you’ll see the option to remove at the bottom.

I’m going to a few countries that have their own currencies this summer, so I found them on the list, to add them to the main page
Screenshot (39)
Again, just right click (or swipe down with touch), and then you’ll see the add option at the bottom. 

Once I added all the countries I’ll be visiting (I even added the gold rate, just for fun.  It also lets you add silver, palladium and platinum), my app looks like this:
Screenshot (33)
As you can see, by default it’s set to 1 US dollar and then gives you the appropriate rates for the currencies you’ve added, but you can change that.  Click on the drop down menu to choose a new currency, and then type in a value if you want to compare something other than $1.
Screenshot (35)Screenshot (34)Screenshot (36)
I’d prefer to spend 50 Croatian Kuna rather than 50 Euro, thanks.

Screenshot (37)
Above, if you tap or click on the right arrow on one of the currencies you’ll see a chart that shows the history of the rate and other figures, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Screenshot (38)

Now all of this is awesome, but even better is the fact that XE Currency has made a very similar app for Windows Phone 8, so now I have an awesome currency converter in my pocket!

And if you just want a great online currency converter you can always visit the XE Currency website.

Do you need a currency converter?


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