Friday Finds 5/17/13

I have no doubt that you’ve already seen this video… but I’m still posting it because it’s awesome.

As usual, the internet did not disappoint this week.  My favorite links below.

Many things confuse me about memes. Who made it up? How did it start? How did it catch on? What are the rules?  Where did the term “meme” come from? Also, how do you pronounce “meme?”  Seriously, I’ve been wondering this for two years. Any help is appreciated.  But anyway, here’s a collection of some of the funniest memes (impressive since some of these have been around awhile, but they still make me laugh).

Your weekly dose of 90s nostalgia… Why Pacey was (is, really) so much better than Dawson.

So many tricks to teach my dog…

And a bit of sad news… Smash has been canceled.  You guys.  You guys.  You were supposed to help me keep this from happening.  Sigh.

Leave me your links ya’ll!


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