Friday Finds 2/22/13

A little light on the links this week, been a little busy out here at sea, forgive me.

Apparently I’ve found my new favorite website:  I know, you guys knew about it before it was cool.  My readers are such hipsters.

But seriously, all 3 of my ridiculous links today come from buzzfeed. If you read nothing else on the internet this week, read these.  And laugh.  Because they’re only kind of for real.

First, yes, we do need a holiday that celebrates Mr. Gosling!

Were you a typical teenage girl in the late 90s?  You know you were!

And finally, it’s true, Obama is ruining the country. (click on that link only if you have a sense of humor, you know I don’t actually disrespect the president on my blog.  Sorry ya’ll, not my style).

What are your favorite links this week?


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