TV you should be watching- Arrested Development

This falls into the category of television I should have been watching, since I’m only just now in the middle of season 2 almost ten years after the first time it aired.  Mhany of you reading this are probably thinking “duh, why wouldn’t I watch Arrested Development.”  But if you’re not caught up yet, you have some time before they release season 4 via Netflix.  I know those of you that have already watched the original seasons can’t wait to catch up with the Bluth family, but for those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, I’ll just give you some basic reasons why you’ll want to watch.

1) It’s absolutely absurd.  Think 30 Rock, then multiply it into absurdity by 10.  That’s Arrested Development.

2) It has the intersecting plotlines and ridiculous plot twists of Seinfeld

3) The family relationships are as twisted as a soap opera.  In a hilarious way.

4) The running gags- like Gob’s segway, Buster’s hook, Lucille’s distaste for Gob but adoration for Buster, Michael’s inability to remember his son’s girlfriend’s name, George Michael’s crush on his cousin, Tobias’ never nude condition.  Oh, and the banana stand.

5) Also there’s a banana stand.

6) The cast.  Jason Bateman. Michael Cera. Portia de Rossi. Jeffrey Tambor. Jessica Walters.  Will Arnett at his Will Arnettiest!

7) The guest spots! Julia Louis Dreyfus as a prosecutor who pretends to be blind and then pregnant to win her cases.  Amy Poehler as Gob’s runaway wife. Mae Whitman and George Michael’s forgettable girlfriend.  Carl Weathers as himself!

8) How have I not yet mentioned that Ron Howard is the executive producer AND NARRATOR!!!!

9) How are you not watching yet?

So catch up on those episodes (iTunes, Netflix, whatever you use) so I can talk about it when the revival season premieres in May, k?

Also, if you need more reasons… check out who we can expect to see in a guest spot in May! Can you say, “perfect casting?”


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