Friday Finds 2/8/13

I am behind on declaring this, but this Internet Explorer ad is genius.

Some interesting online finds for you!

Project Runway fans and academics unite!  This tumblr is pretty hilarious.  I just wish that they could somehow incorporate “where’s Andre?”  A girl can dream.

This graph accurately explains why I can only be a sports fan by proxy.

In honor (or in dishonor?) of the best part of the Super Bowl halftime show, I give you this look back at the most embarassing Destiny’s Child outfits.  PS- did anyone else go to the mall in Middle and High School and try to find Destiny’s Child inspired coordinated outfits with your friends, put on those outfits and take pictures of it in the dressing room?  No?  Yeah, no one does that…

I love this story about one woman committing to create community for an entire year.  I’d like to do what she did.

I work for a company that has roots in The Netherlands.  And lots of our officers onboard are Dutch. And sometimes they say they’re from Holland. But we fly the flag of the Netherlands, which is red, white and blue.  But Holland’s color is orange, and I know this because it’s the color of my uniform.  And some of the Caribbean islands we go to speak Dutch. Anyway, it’s all very confusing, so this video was quite enlightening about Holland vs. The Netherlands vs. Dutch, etc.

What did you find on the internet this week?


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