My Floppy Hat

Though I continue to insist that I’m “not a hat person,” I still buy one about once a year, it seems.  Sometimes I do this out of necessity.  As in, I’m going to Iceland, it will be cold there, I should bring a warm hat.  Sometimes I do it for style or curiosity.  As in, this cream-colored beret is on sale at Target, I wonder if I could pull of a beret?  And in the best cases it’s a little of both.

As we sail through the Caribbean and the Panama Canal, most of the places we stop bake in the sun.  Ya’ll, Curacao is super hot.  And so I found a $10 floppy straw hat, wondered if I could pull it off, and decided I should buy it anyway, because even if I couldn’t pull it off it would still serve the important purpose of keeping my nose from burning to a crisp.

And so this is my floppy hat.
I’m not gonna lie.  I wear it with my oversized shades and pretend I’m someone famous. I’m sorry, that’s just the way things go with me.

What do you think?  Obnoxious enough for you?

Do you have a floppy straw hat?


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